Mercedes EQX

a luxury electric pick-up truck for family

Design Process

an autonomous urban vehicle for 2025
An awesome family picnic time
For a luxury family pickup truck, I imagine it as a space where you can spend your time with your family members. Family time becomes precious in this fast pace society. Therefore I added the rotation feature for the front row seats so that people can face each other when needed, not necessarily when driving. It would be an amazing feature for an family picnic in some national park or simply a road trip. The seat can only change their configuration when the car is stopped and the doors are opened. The center multi-purpose table can extend out from the second row seats for many use-cases.

Final Renders

an autonomous urban vehicle for 2025
luxury and elegant family space
The seats uses white organic fabric as the main material. It is comfortable and highly ventilated. Combining with glossy poly-material and metallic trims, the seats have a very high-end and luxury styles. The car only have 2 doors. They open up when needed to give the passengers a strong and unobstructed connection with the outside nature. The center console area can change its configuration so that the seat can rotate to face the other way. Beneath the center control screen, there are drawers for storage and fridge.